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With a focus on regulatory business standards such as ESG, Operational resilience, conduct risk and cogntive diversity, Calitor delivers outcome-focussed, integrated strategic Conduct Risk and Cultural enhancement solutions to bring long-term thinking to immediate business strategy by combining forward thinking regulatory expertise, cutting edge behavioural science and the latest technology and data tools

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We provide targeted coaching, academies and competency frameworks to optimise risk aware thinking and productivity

Coaching for boards and senior managers; linked to targeted training for key staff in line with Regulatory Conduct and Culture agendas.


Bespoke solutions to change behaviour, enhance culture and optimise firm resources focussing on operational resilience, productivity and sustainability goals

New reward and recognition frameworks to align personal with firm goals


We re-position risk management frameworks and functions to build competitive advantage

Reshaping, refocussing and up-skilling Regulatory Compliance functions and operations to address changing regulatory standards and meet emerging market pressures.

Innovative Compliance framework design and implementation of FinTech solutions.

Redesigning and training Risk managers to align with the firm's Purpose and desired Culture

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We enhance purpose and embed  with strategy and culture measurement and management for superior, sustainable returns

Shaping risk strategy in line with changing Regulatory expectations and corporate goals; reshaping operating models to align risk imperatives with key objectives. 


Connecting  effective Conduct Risk management and culture with sustainable financial value through innovative metrics

Threading ESG standards into existing business objectives and processes



Strategic, sustainable value creation through innovation in Conduct Risk management and Cultural enhancement, based on industry-leading regulatory expertise allied with cutting edge behavioural and management models

Shaping strategy in line with changing Regulatory relationships and the political environment, to underpin Board and Senior Management responsibilities to shareholders, customers and staff; 

Driving behavioural change to embed compliance culture and accountability from teh Board to the Front Office in line with UK FCA Senior Management and Certification Regime

Strengthening Risk functions and operations to address changing regulatory standards and disruption from innovation, fully aligned with corporate values and business objectives

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Founder and Managing Director

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Patrick is one of the UK’s leading experts on building effective culture, conduct and risk management practices that underpin value-driven Purpose and Strategy in regulated industries.

He advises and coaches senior management and boards and works with firms to design and implement innovative operating models and bespoke programmes which drive sustainable value while meeting the latest regulatory standards. He has helped a range of clients introduce cutting edge approaches to conduct, culture and risk, including Barclays, RBS, TOTAL SA, Natixis, Commerzbank and FinTrU.

As well as working with individual firms, Patrick is also involved with several executive education foundations, including being one of the founders of the UK Finance Conduct and Culture Academy, a Programme Director at CEDEP

Patrick’s practitioner approach comes from his years in core positions across banking: as an investment banker and operating officer with HSBC Global Investment Banking, and head of EMEA Global Banking Compliance at Bank of America Merrill Lynch. He redesigned the business and operating model of the Barclays Compliance Career Academy and provided global workshop programmes on ethics in the energy Industry.


He is also Non-Executive Director to two new ventures looking to lead the transformation of Data Processing and Payments Processing respectively to accelerate the journey to net zero carbon while providing seamless high-performance service.


Before his career in banking, Patrick was a British Diplomat. Patrick received his MBA from INSEAD in 1999.

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  • If you have a challenge that is complex, difficult or fluid, call to talk through potential ways forward.

  • The transversal holistic external perspective can break down an issue into more manageable elements, yet still benefit from internal synergies.

  • Our solutions prioritise minimal disruption, based on an innovative use of internal activity and resources, without the cost and distraction of a complete rebuild.

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